You Tube Is Stupid!

Why should you use a studio to learn your movement and not You Tube?

I love the clients that come in and say “Well, You Tube says….. I should do……..” or, “I have……” or, “I can fix myself by doing…..”

WHAT! Look, STUPID is as STUPID does.

Remember when you were a child and you’d watch a show that had some subject matter that probably wasn’t age appropriate. Your parents would talk with you afterward to answer questions/ concerns and remind you that this was make-believe. Everything you saw on TV wasn’t necessarily real or the best way to guide your choices. You Tube is the same thing.

I’m not saying to boycott You Tube but you have to weigh how you came about the information and should you really be following it. This is kind of why I have not jumped on the You Tube band wagon, because people can be really STUPID. I know that is a harsh judgment, but we do live in a nation where we have to tell people that coffee is hot and to be cautious. When I first see a client, their body is one thing to me, the next day it is something different, the next year… and so on. Furthermore, no two bodies are the same. Each body is its own puzzle to be curious about. For me to make a video and say “This is what you need.” is probably not a true statement. It would be like saying you got sick and if you follow this video and it will fix you every time.

Another common problem with YouTube is alignment. You think you are in alignment and doing it right and in reality, you are not. As humans, we need someone to say “yes” and “no” until we learn what we should be doing, feeling, etc. We’ve gotten so far away from movement as a society that we just don’t have the skills to do it productively and reach our goals without guidance. Let’s be honest here too. We don’t take ourselves to the edge, past our comfort zone; we stay where it is comfortable and easy.

Next time you decide to go to the World Wide Web to diagnose and treat yourself, please consider the source.