Magic in Movement, Beauty in Breath and Power in Poses

Does Yoga mystify you?

Do you want to practice Yoga but can’t find a class that fits your experience level?

We provide a style of yoga that fits every body type, age, or level. Because of our private yoga studio setting we develop individual training where you won’t feel left out and incompetent.

You will be working on your body at your pace, defining your success and being patient with yourself as you practice. We work with people looking to reduce stress, increase flexibility and to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones through activity.

We work together in a progressive program to achieve relaxation, tone muscles and bringing awareness internal again. We inspire our clients to movement so they can achieve their goals and visions for a healthier life.

Serving all of Monroe, MI, Toledo and Bedford, MI, Mind Body Balance specializes in Diabetes Fitness, Intuitive Eating, Fitness Coaching, Yoga, Pilates and Personal Training. For your Health and Wellness contact Monroe’s most popular Personal Trainer and start on your road to wellness today.

Why are there different yoga class levels at Mind Body Balance?


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