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What is willPower & grace®? A group fitness class started in 1999, willPower & grace® incorporates yoga, dance, pilates and calisthenics. The barefoot training method is designed to strengthen the feet and correct balance and alignment issues. The workout is equipment free so that the participates can focus on themselves: precision, performance and physical intensity.  

How to dress? wear stretchy workout pants and shorts with a t-shirt tight enough that it won’t ride up when you bend deeply. Something that wicks moisture as you will sweat!

Fitness Level? Anyone can do this class.  The instructor will demonstrate 1-4 levels at which you can do the moves. At level one you move slowly and keep your feet on the floor with lots of options in-between at Level 4 you might be moving faster, lifting feet and challenging your balance and strength with longer levers.

No shoes allowed in this barefoot class! willPower & grace® is an intensive cardio workout.  Be prepared to work hard and to sweat! willPower & grace® utilizes your large muscle groups through squats and lunges and also engages your core through balances and other vestibular challenges. There is often a core-strengthening section at the end of class. It is high recommended that you bring water to drink, along with a positive attitude.

You will see an amazing session of willPower & grace®, which is literally an hour of almost non-stop action combining heart-rate elevating cardio with some serious yoga inspired balancing poses. So, if you are tired of bicep circles and jumping jacks… Or the boring cookie-cutter classes of a gym (not to mention sometimes dangerous when an instructor doesn’t pay attention to individual needs and alignment) willPower & grace® is an open class for all levels but provides variations and modifications for almost every pose that keeps everyone from beginner to advanced safe and engaged throughout the hour.

For more info on willPower and grace®, go to our FAQ page.