Today is a Big Movement Day!

Movement can be physical movement and it can be psychological movement. Movement comes in many different forms. The first step is to think positive thoughts. These positive thoughts will help you lead a healthy life all around. But it isn’t enough to just sit there and think or dream of this healthy life.  You’ve got to take some action in order to get the job done.

“The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs.” –Vance Havener


Okay, I love this quote. Have you ever started a workout video, decided “This is work.” and sat back down on the couch to watch the rest of it… snacking and thinking “Wow! That is hard.  Look at them work.  Well, good for them.” Or move that stationary bike or total gym into the house just for it to be a clothes rack or plant stand?  What about… Okay, you’ve gotten yourself to the gym parking lot and now you’re sitting there and fighting with yourself about walking in.  So you finally win the argument to walk in and then you are on the equipment for five minutes and decide you are getting off because you’ve had enough. Be honest.  You know you’ve experienced these scenarios or something similar. Oh! What about this one?  You exercise faithfully everyday, beating yourself up to the point that you can barely walk to your car because your muscles are so fatigued and you do this because you’re running away from facing a big emotion instead.

Look, you are going to try a lot of different steps to a healthy lifestyle.  Some of those items you try aren’t going to work. For example, you might get those new running shoes to take up running and find out you just die, you may start a walking program with some friends to find out that there has been a mutiny and they’ve left you at the park to go to lunch, you might be in the living room exercising to find that the little pirates of the home have commandeered the TV for video games. The point is that life happens and it isn’t a reason to stop all healthy lifestyle behaviors. Once you get into the habit of doing these healthy habits on a daily basis, even if you think some of them won’t be successful, you still need to build your confidence and be optimistic because every little bit does make a difference in your total well being. Tony Robbins in his book Awaken the Giant Within calls this “massive, positive, constructive action on a daily bases” You have to be ready to try different behaviors, plan to make mistakes, to create awareness without judgment and to seek the help that you need.  Once you are prepared you will find great success in your efforts!

Health is a blessing that money cannot buy.” Izaak Walton

Of all the knowledge, the one most worth having is knowledge about health! The first requisite of a good life is to be a healthy person.” –Herbert Spencer

Decide today that you’ve been needing to do more UP UNTIL NOW and start to change your (and your family’s) health!

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