Fitness Coaching

“Working out with Kim was not only something that helped me with my physical body it also helped me in my emotional state of mind. Kim taught me so many things that I could utilize in my everyday life, for instance posture, breathing, and remembering it is not about taking diet pills or starving your body it is about being healthy.

Kim was able to help me love my body for what it is and focus on the right things to become and stay aware of my health. There is not a day that goes by I don’t use the training that Kim had given me, from remembering to stretch to having soft knees while I jog. I am thankful everyday for the training I received so I can continue my lifestyle of staying healthy.” — Bridget, Student, Illinois

“My experience working with Kim was amazing! I had always hoped for an opportunity to work with a trainer and I couldn’t have asked for someone better. Kim is a wonderful balance of knowledge, ability, and support. Her desire for us to be successful is sometimes greater than our own.

Working with me came with a set of special needs due to my weight loss surgery several years ago and my anemia. Kim was careful to choose working with me based on her confidence in her ability to provide me with what I wanted and needed and that spoke volumes to her integrity! She went far above and beyond to educate herself and me on things that would be helpful and take me to my goals. She understood but no push over either. She caused me to dig deep and do things I didn’t think I could.

Kim never made me feel weak or bad when I wasn’t able to do things, rather she motivated me and encouraged me to keep going and that is priceless! What is so wonderful about Kim is that she truly cares and has genuine passion for what she is doing. In anything we do that sets people apart and with Kim that is especially true. I would recommend her to anyone who has a desire to increase their quality of life!

Kim has a gift for helping you not only condition your body, but recondition your mind as well. In my opinion giving her the opportunity to help you…is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself!” –Shanna, Stylist & mother, Michigan


“As my fiancée and I began to look at planning one of the most special day’s we would spend together, our wedding day, we realized we had our work cut out for us. Aside from all the endless wedding planning details, we wanted to form the baseline of a long and happy life together; we wanted to explore a healthier lifestyle.

We began working with Kim about 6 months prior to our wedding day. While we thought we were doing pretty well; taking regular walks and eating mostly healthy foods, we still had a lot to learn. At that point, running a mile would have been possible for me, but it would have been quite a challenge.

Kim worked with each of us to devise what level of work we could handle and set respectable (challenging yet achievable) goals for us. In the passing weeks we realized, through Kim’s watchful eye, the importance of target heart rate training. We ramped up to 40 minute runs (interchanged with rollerblading), which is something I wouldn’t have thought of as attainable in my life. While at times we would be so busy with wedding planning, we soon came to realize that working out was necessary ‘mental health’. If I was feeling too stressed out, the thought of taking 40 minutes out of my day to run would put me over the edge, but instead, it recharged me. I enjoyed the endorphins, and they helped keep us both in a balanced mental and physical state.

Balance wasn’t the only benefit. One of my other primary goals, as with many brides, was to look the best I could on my wedding day. Kim worked with me to devise a plan which would allow me to focus on my problem areas (hips and thighs) and within the matter of a couple of weeks of walking lunges, Pilates, and increased rollerblading I had lost nearly an 1″ in these areas! Just the right amount! Shortly into our program with Kim I realized that I couldn’t use the bathroom scale as a measure of success (because I was building muscle), but what I was able to do was look at how certain clothes fit and how much more healthy I felt. I was more confident in my body than I had been in many years, probably since puberty!

Kim’s intuitive eating class, I feel, was also paramount in our journey to a healthier lifestyle. Learning what our bodies need for fuel, and reacquainting ourselves with what hunger really is instead of eating mindlessly. We learned what foods work to satisfy us best and tried to steer away from choices that wouldn’t leave us feeling nourished. We’ve found ways to add new foods into our daily schedules that provide us with a much improved diet.

I look back, now to my wedding photos and see a fit, healthy, radiant bride and groom. While my husband and I worked very hard, we worked with a remarkable woman who knew how to walk the fine line of challenge and encouragement and helped us plow through many of the ‘obstacles’ we thought were apparent in our life, and now instead of viewing them as obstacles, I see them as hurdles, and I know that with a little effort I can jump over them and keep working down this healthy path.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone considering an improved lifestyle!!”
–Alia and Dave, Business Women and Chemist, New York


Intuitive Eating

“It was a great opportunity to take a look at your eating habits and learn how to properly fuel your body for daily activities. It has changed the way I think about eating. Now every meal has a thought and purpose behind it.” –Dan, D.O. & father, Michigan

“Intuitive Eating was an informative, thought provoking experience that gave us tools to help ourselves. Kim constantly challenged us to change the way that we think about food.” — Group Office Staff, Michigan


Get a Grip/Intuitive Eating

“What a wonderful journey I am on with Kim and Mind Body Balance!  I have participated in the Get A Grip and Intuitive Eating telephone conferences.  I learned so much about understanding the importance whole food has in our life and myself.  I would recommend taking Get A Grip First and then follow up with Intuitive Eating. 

Kimberly’s level of education of the body is mind blowing!  I have never met a personal trainer that is so well rounded in the challenges the body can give us.  I am feeling like I am 20 something again. To my surprise Pilates has helped me develop my old body, inside and out!” –Dawn, massage therapist, business owner and mother of two. Michigan


Fitness by Phone

“For the past fourteen months, I’ve been working with Kimberly using Fitness by Phone.  The tools and guidance provided have allowed me to experience successful injury free workouts that have gradually increased to the point of accomplishing my goals.  The support Kim offers have resulted in me being more focused, consistent and intense about workouts than I have been since I was a college athlete! (20+ years ago).  Kimberly is such an incredible resource – constantly providing information that is useful and guidance that instills confidence, especially since I became pregnant and developed gestational diabetes.  Her guidance allowed me to maintain my workouts and modify my eating behavior so that I could continue having a healthy pregnancy!

Pilates has been an incredible journey.  The variety of different exercises, stretches and challenges that Kimberly pushes me to do helps my body stay balanced and my mind stay centered.  Strengthening my core is exactly what I need, but is a huge challenge because of my high starting weight.  After six months of regular Pilates Sessions, I am well on my way to permanently changing my body — and my beliefs about my body.  Pilates is now a requirement for me to experience the mobility and flexibility that I want and need.

Intuitive Eating has been an incredibly valuable tool in helping me to accomplish my fitness goals.  Just doing cardio alone did not result in weight loss for me.  Until I got in touch with my eating patterns and reasons why I eat I didn’t start to see results in this area.  This knowledge was necessary in order to make changes to my eating choices.  ‘All Foods Fit’ is an affirmation that means whatever I eat – it’s ok.  What is important to recognize is WHY I eat what I eat, and to acknowledge how I feel after eating certain items.  This enables me to make better choices next time.  I highly recommend Intuitive Eating to anyone needing to make lifestyle changes.” –Michelle, Mother, Wife, Executive Director, Michigan


Teleconference Workshops

“I found tonight’s class very interesting and eye opening and on both work sheets scored very high on the symptom checklist. I know exercise is the key to feeling better but sometimes the easiest to avoid because…..I can always seem to find excuses, I am tired, too much homework, have to cook dinner, go somewhere with the kids etc… I know I need to put me first and then everything else will fall into place. Sometimes easier said when you are used to doing for everyone else. This is my goal is to start putting my own health and needs first, which will than lead to feeling better, more energy etc. Thanks Kim for your knowledge and ability to help others.” –Sandy, R.N., B.S.N., C.H.P.N., Business woman & mother, Michigan

“It’s really, really interesting. Lots of ideas for continuing health. It’s a teleconference, so you don’t have to go ANYWHERE. Just call in and follow along with your hand outs. In fact, this last week I taught aerobics until 8 and jumped on the call (a few minutes late) and listened all the way home. I’d really recommend it. It’s not too expensive and very helpful.” –Stacie, Pilates teacher/trainer and mother, Michigan



I have played the game for a long time and have carried a single digit handicap. As I have grown older I have found that there are times when I hit the ball less consistently solid and I have wondered if age might have something to do with it (simply denying I am getting older hasn’t really worked). I have heard a couple of guys over the past few years mention Pilates and core strength associated with their golf games – one my age and another probably 10 years younger (I am almost 55).

I thought Pilates was “girly” without ever having seen or done it, but had been wondering about it. When I went through Leadership Monroe last year Kim gave out two free sessions to two members of our class in a random drawing – I won one of them. Eventually I figured why not give it a try not just for golf, but as another potentially interesting way to get a regular work-out (I have never belonged to a gym; running for the sake of running has never appealed to me; racquetball once per week in the fall and winter is not enough; and, whatever exercise equipment I have bought for my home over the years ends up not being used regularly).

I was amazed at how hard (in a good way) Pilates was. I see Kim twice per week most of the time starting early last fall and I really look forward to what it does for me. I was never the most flexible guy, but this stuff works. It is amazing that using virtually nothing more than your own body weight how much strength you can add as well. I can see results which encourages me to do more. As it relates to only the golf swing the flexibility (and balance) has helped me make a more consistent swing and the strength (which I really was not even expecting) has me hitting the ball further – straighter, more consistently, and longer are all good things.

I enjoy the hour and leave feeling worked out – I even sit up straighter on the ride home (but forget about all that; I think it is helping my golf swing). Hugh, Michigan, Father, Husband, Brother, Son, SVP Credit Administration Manager

Thank you for the VIP treatment every time I see you. It has been a tremendous experience  becoming acquainted with you and seeing all that Mind Body Balance has to offer. I look forward to growing my Pilates knowledge and watching your business grow. Your enthusiasm will take you far. –Donna, Michigan Wife, Mother, Contract Admin Faciliatator


Corporate Wellness

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you did for our Diabetic Support Group. The information you provided was informative and crucial to obtaining good blood sugar control. But more than anything your presentation was fun and I have found that is the first step to our clients remembering the information they have heard. I would love to have you come back again sometime! –Laurie, Michigan, Wife, Owner /CEO