Transform and Upgrade You Part 2

How do you deal with how you feel?

Emotions are both a gift and one of the most challenging things we will ever deal with in our lives. Emotions are a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood or relationships with others.
Plutchnick’s wheel of emotions says there are eight basic emotions which experience:

• Fear – feeling afraid and also may be known as terror, shock, phobia
• Anger –feeling angry, also known as rage
• Sadness – feeling sad also known as grief, depression
• Joy – feeling happy also known as happiness, gladness
• Disgust – feeling something is wrong or dirty
• Trust – feeling a positive emotion. Admiration is stronger, acceptance is weaker
• Anticipation – in the sense of looking forward positively to something which is going to happen, expectation is more neutral
• Surprise- how one feels when something unexpected happens
Emotions can also be broken down into simple, complex and pure. Examples of simple emotions are:

• discovery/ anger,
• envy/expectation,
• wonder/ common place,
• happiness/ sadness,
• amusement/ weariness,
• courage/ timidity/ cowardice,
• pity/ cruelty.

Examples of complex emotions are:

• pride/ modesty/shame,
• closeness/detachment/distance,
• complaint/ pain/doing average/ pleasure,
• caution/ boldness/rashness,
• patience/ mere tolerance/ anger,
• relaxation/composure/stress,
• envy/ goodwill.

Examples of pure emotions are:

• fear/nervousness/security,
• togetherness/privacy,
• respect/disrespect,
• appreciation/envy,
• love/no love lost/hatred,
• hope/despair,
• confusion/being confused.

Feelings allow us to laugh, to love and to create. They create experiences in our lives… they are the source of our relationships. Emotions are rich! We have joy, anger, grief, pain…we have emotions so that we can have deep emotional relationships. So what does that mean…with all our heart, with all our love, with all our focus we develop relationships of purpose to connect, to love and to appreciate one another.
On the other hand, emotions can cause us some problems in our lives… a tremendous amount of pain in our lives. When mishandled and abused, emotions send us into a spiral because life is uncertain a lot of times. We do everything in our power as human beings to avoid pain and sadness, but let’s face it… life never plays by our rules, right?

Things don’t always work out how we plan them to. Any effort we may put forth to try to control our emotions is futile. Life breeds a whole host of emotions that we have to figure out how to manage rather than control. The loss of a loved one, abuse in a relationship, misguided emotions such as anger fear, guilt, and shame… if not handled correctly can lead us father and father away from how emotions are a gift in our life. The farther we get from living a purpose driven life the harder it is to manage our emotions. We are troubled. The closer we get to living a purpose driven life the more our life is transformed. We get lost sometimes in life. We are trying to get back to the part of our life that we feel connected to. It makes sense.

There are two important ways that we can make sense of this emotional journey that we are on. We can actually be transformed by the emotional journeys that we travel. They can draw us closer to that purpose driven life:

#1 Learn how to manage our emotions!

Why is it important for me to manage my emotions? Feelings are unreliable and uncertain. Have you ever felt that you were not sure how or what to feel at times. I really don’t understand myself. How I feel is unpleasing at times. I want to do what is right but I don’t do it, instead I do what I hate. I want to do what is good but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong but I do it anyway. Is it me or do you feel this way at times too? Seems like a picture of our lives…everyday right! What seems like the wrong thing feels like the right thing and the right thing sometimes feels like the wrong thing. In either case it comes down to your intentions. Sometimes what feels like the wrong thing is correct. My mentor Beth Shaw reminds me that comfort and change never come in the same sentence. For example, Sustainable Movement Practice (a.k.a. exercise) is at times uncomfortable and takes a consistent discipline so when someone says it is “easy” or isn’t hard to acquire a discipline, they are lying. Is hurt good for us in our life? It is a temporary discomfort that brings us to health. On the other hand what feels good is actually bad for you in your life. For Example, anyone that tells you that eating a cheeseburger loaded with toppings is not enjoyable they are lying. It is yummy, greasy, the bread is soft but it is 970 calories loaded with a day’s worth of fat. Not a great choice for your life and it will eventually lead you to pain.

Emotions are unreliable in leading us to which choices to make. They lead us in confusing ways. There is a way that seems or appears to be right, powerful, convincing—I’m here to say that it is a bad compass. The mind is powerful and it will work hard to be convincing. You don’t just wake up and whatever mood you feel guides you that day, month or year—it is a bad compass! Let the facts shape your feelings rather than the feelings distort the facts. Let the facts shape your feelings rather than the feelings distort the facts. There are times in our life that we feel alone, lost, wondering where the light and support is. Love and leading with our heart, forgiveness and listening to that quietest voice from our spirituality. Love is the key that opens the heart. You hold the key to your own dream. Family is the key to happiness. Why is managing our emotions so important? Emotions are unreliable. Family and mentors help us know if we are managing our emotions or if they are managing us. When we are off course, we are lacking spirituality (listening).

#2 Deal with how we feel!

If we don’t manage our emotions they are going to wreck our life and our emotions will control us. It is just this simple. We will be manipulated by our moods and guided by the moods we wake up with that day and people will take advantage of us. In fact, advertising and marketing agencies make millions of dollars playing off our emotions. They use emotions to push us to buy things we don’t need they get us fired up and excited about it. Think of that in-house vacuum salesman; he knows that if he gets in through the front door he has a sale. They show you how dirty your house is and how the vacuum could suck up moon rock. Or the u-verse and cable guy… they get in the front door but it is all about the sport packages. Who has purchased something on impulse? QVC loves all of us, right? If you can’t control your emotions you are like a city with no defenses. With no plan, if you can’t control your emotions you will be over run, manipulated, they will have their way with you emotionally and rule over you.

Emotions are very powerful and study after study has shown that E.Q. (emotional quotient) is actually more accurate at measuring success in your life than I.Q. (intelligent quotient) The opportunities and joy in your life come from your E.Q. and how you manage your emotions with other people is actually more of a predictor than your I.Q. Have you ever known someone who didn’t do a good job at managing their emotions? Someone who ruined a job opportunity because of a silly choice? Someone who destroyed their reputation in a moment of passion? Someone who destroyed their family because of a lack of self-control? People get lost and die because of their lack of self-control. It hits home in a lot of different ways. Ever grow up and swore you were never going to do something your parents did only to find in your family unit that you’ve created the same thing? Are words coming out of your mouth or behaviors are showing up that you witnessed as a child? You react how you know. If you aren’t growing, you are repeating. I swore I wouldn’t allow my anger and emotions get the best of me but those family treasures where waiting in the wings. This is how it works. I grew up with a mother that yells, name calls, hits and then goes into silent treatment to express anger… a dad that yells, and then cries to express his anger. Growing up in a German/ Hungarian household we are passionate people that express our emotions and aren’t as good at communicating. Over the years I have worked hard to improve my life skills of listening only to realize that what triggers me turns me into a yelling maniac (because this isn’t who I am at my best self). I need to allow myself to express emotion verbally and compassionately before it gets out of control and yet, I act it out by yelling or punching the pillows or through pillows. In practicing the lifestyle of a Yogi and the discipline of Pilates it has helped me to live a more balanced emotional life. I didn’t realize until recently that living with an emotionally passionate wife is scary to someone who grew up in a family that doesn’t express or communicate emotion. This was such a light bulb to me. I felt bad for him that he fell in love with a wife that is passionate about her emotions both in expression and communication. No wonder he doesn’t know what to do for me when I’m sad, when I’m angry, and when I’m frustrated. The only emotion that he knows how to handle is my joy and love. But he named it and now we can grow from it. I learned about Emotional Intelligence in 2000 which is really about perceiving emotions, understanding emotions, managing emotions and using emotions.
Here is a little chart that might help you decide where you are on the Emotional Intelligence scale.

Low Emotional Intelligence/ High Emotional Intelligence
Aggressive/ Assertive
Demanding/ Ambitious
Egotistical/ Driving
Bossy/ Strong-Willed
Confrontational/ Decisive
Easily/ Distracted Warm
Glib/ Enthusiastic
Selfish/ Sociable
Poor Listener/ Charming
Impulsive/ Persuasive
Resistant to Change/ Patient
Passive/ Stable
Un-Responsive/ Predictable
Slow/ Consistent
Stubborn/ Good Listener
Critical/ Detailed
Picky/ Careful
Fussy/ Meticulous
Hard to Please/ Systematic
Perfectionist/ Neat

The book Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Coleman is a great resource on this topic. It identifies what you don’t want to repeat in your life cycle and helps you to choose to make a better choice. Isn’t it better to choose to live a conscious life than to regret what you do when you are out of control that leads to ruin.

The truth is, no matter how broken and screwed up your life is, emotionally it takes just one encounter to change everything. The truth is no matter what you have lost in life it takes just one encounter to change everything. The truth is no matter how hopeless you feel it takes just one encounter to change everything. Emotions are strong, demanding but we don’t have to let them rule our life – put on a new truth – a new life. You have a choice. There is a conflict going on in everyone’s life all the time; in fact, it is seldom that we are without conflict. We often use phrases like this when we are in conflict: This is my family genetics, This is just me, I’ll always be this way, This is how I was brought up to be…… or you can transform and change the record—that’s your choice.

Take a picture of your life right now, what has you stuck in life right now, what emotion are you feeling, are you dealing with that emotion right now that you are struggling with? It might be a medical issue, depression, anxiety, job loss, marriage, worry, fear, maybe you’ve been unwell for generations –You can with one encounter change this course. How do you deal with how you feel?

Three things we should all do when we struggle in our lives are.

1. How you deal with how you feel? Give it a name (In doing this I would help my husband learn my emotions and develop clarity, as he can at times (because his E.I. is low) confuse the emotion that I’m expressing). What is holding you back in this life that you know is available to you. Conform or transform, what’s holding you back from that experience? Give it a name – nothing changes until we identify it- bring it to light and give it a name – grief, anger, depression, restless. For example, I’m struggling in my thoughts they are restless today and I am confused. Be driven by your emotions or by the spirit that lives in your heart- by identifying the underlying problem in life and naming it you take the problem in your life, shine a light on it and that it is the first step to being transformed.

2. Give it a frame take a picture of your life for a second, take a step back and look in the mirror, look at your life. Am I experiencing what it means to be transformed? Or Am I experiencing the life that is conformed? How do I know if my life is transformed? That is easy. Are you seeing these emotions around you in your life from others: Love, Joy, Peace, Patients, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control –if this is showing up in your life you are transformed and on purpose and if it isn’t I promise you it is available to you.

3. Change the Channel Time for a fresh start. Exchange the old record for a new record in your mind. A record of lies to a record of truth. “I’ll always be angry, it is just me.” “I’ll always be unhappy and grumpy, it is who I am.” These are a “record of lies.” You can exchange your grief for comfort. You can exchange your depression for encouragement. You can exchange your anger for self-control. You can exchange your worry for peace of mind and your hopelessness for hope.

I sometimes ask myself, “Why is this situation in my life?” Life is messy. Yes, I know this. I am reminding myself that I don’t want to Die in the Why but to make a choice to live in the What! I’m in this experience. I didn’t ask for this experience, in fact I swore it off but I ended up with it. Not because it is the right thing but because managed emotions and growth isn’t an option for all parties involved. This is bringing grief and great sadness into my life because it isn’t “going how I thought it would go.” Each day I remind myself that, yes, I’m experiencing suffering but I have a choice to how much suffering I decide to go through. I look for opportunities and know that this situation will qualify me on a different empathic level. Our MBB community comforts others in times of troubles so that they may one day comfort others in the future. MBB believes in enriching lives, loving life, sharing peace and seeking joy. Trust, no matter the circumstances. Channel your feelings and help other people because in fulfilling others this brings you happiness.

MBB was born out of love from both its founders Nick and Kim. They had enough love to give; to build one life transformed at a time until there were enough transformed lives that together the MBB Community was born. The MBB transformation takes you out the FOG (Fear, Obligation, and Guilt) of life and puts you into a life full of zest and conscious living. There are countless videos under our Watch MBB on our website (put the link here). Be that transformation for someone else. It only takes one encounter, so be that encounter for someone! Inspire them to take one more small step at a time lead them to strength… to transformation. Do You Want To Get Well? What are you waiting for? Become a member of the MBB community today. We Inspire You to Movement through services such as: Classical Pilates, Yoga, willPower & grace®, Fitness Coaching, Intuitive Eating, Workshops, etc. We change one life, one community at a time. We are your Global Integrative Fitness Studio of choice. Thank you for nine wonderful years of allowing me to live my purpose driven life!

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Adjust your perspective and live a happier life.

“Too many people miss the silver lining because they’re expecting gold” – Maurice Setter

When I used to work out of my home, I’d say “If I could just turn the key every morning on a commercial space I would be successful.” Then, one day I was down (as some small business owners get) and I realized, “What’s wrong with me? I’ve been turning the key for over a year now. I am successful! Celebrate!”

See, I had adjusted the bar to allow myself some modest success. It takes trial and error and perseverance to determine where the bar actually is. Levels of success need to be reachable on any long journey. I would never have made it to turning the key on my very first commercial space otherwise.

Don’t we do this in our health though, too? Stop and ask yourself how long you have been on your journey to change your lifestyle. How long have you been really taking steps each and every week consistently? If you’ve been on this journey for 4 months, 1 year, 2 years or more… then everyone is looking at you. They are looking at how successful you are. This is why I like my clients to use journals; so that you can look back at a year ago to see just how far you’ve come. It is hard for us to remember the different levels we reach if we aren’t keeping a log of our action, moods and thoughts.

You have a choice. You can moan about where you are and how little you’ve accomplished or you can celebrate what you have and how far you’ve come. I try to always remember to live in the celebration. Where we put our energy is what we will get, so I want to focus my energy on the positive and not on the negative. I would like to attract more positive actions into my life for they serve my goals better.

Be the most successful “You!”

Please post below what you are celebrating today.
To help yourself discover areas where you disappear into availability, write a list of circumstances in which you feel used or taken for granted. For each separate entry, ask yourself why you continue to act in a way that results in your feeling invisible and undervalued.

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Attitude of Gratitude

“The sun is always shining. Even though clouds may come along and obscure the sun for a while, the sun is always shining. The sun never stops shining. And even though the earth turns, and the sun appears to go down, it really never stops shinning.” – Louise Hay

Does anyone besides me struggle with this? I’m sure we all can recall a time when as a child we ran home to our parents just devastated because something didn’t go as planned. I can quickly recall one year I didn’t make it on the cheerleading team. I’d been on it 7th and 8th grade and then didn’t make it on the team in 9th grade. I expected I would just make it. At the time I felt so rejected.

When moments like this happened, when I expected to be great at everything, my mother and father would let me have a 24 hour pity party and then they would say “Okay, you are a survivor. So what are you going to do now? You are great at so many things.” and they’d begin to list off all these things they thought I could do well. That just annoyed me to no end. I think, sometimes, I moved ahead just to quiet them.

The point is… now, when I fail at something, I have a self-loathing time period, do a self-evaluation and then look for the positive in the experience. Now, I’ll be honest, this easier to do sometimes more than others. For example, when my fuel pump on my Jeep went out one morning; as I went from having a wonderful, peaceful morning to “Oh, my gosh! I’m going to miss my first client and I don’t have their cell phone number.” After a few choice words, I started to count my blessings:
• Thank goodness this happened close to home and I could walk to my studio to greet my client, even if I was late.
• Thank goodness I had AAA to pick up my car and transport it to be repaired.
• Thank goodness I had a cell phone to make this happen.
• Thank goodness I was fit enough to make the walk quickly and
• Thank goodness I was in a safe neighborhood and it was daylight instead of evening.

This, of course, is an easy one. Some more difficult ones to overcome are losing a grandparent, struggling to have a relationship with my brother, losing a pregnancy, having financial problems, crushing my 12th thoracic vertebrae or going through a rough patch in my marriage. These take more time but the process is the same. I mourn my loss and then refocus on my abundance. This coping strategy keeps me in a state of happiness and well-being most of the time.

An “attitude of gratitude” creates more blessings in our lives. If we can pick ourselves up by our boot straps put one foot in front of the other and focus on the lesson to be learned and search for the positive we are stronger for it, humbled, compassionate for ourselves and others. It is not too late to start changing your lifestyle today to a healthy one. Even if you’ve failed at it before because either life (or you) got in the way; you can learn from the experience, find the positive and move on.

Please post what you are grateful for today.

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Step to Edge of the Box Today!

Today’s blog post is inspired by Seth Godin and his book Poke The Box. Seth inspired me at the 2012 Leadership Summit, challenging me to evaluate my leadership skills as a business owner and Integrative Fitness Professional.

I liked how he said we all get comfortable in our box and stepping outside of the box (where there are no walls) might be too far for most of us. So he encouraged over 130,000 leaders that day, from 13+ countries, to go to the edge of the box and poke it.

In one aspect, I felt like I had taken this challenge over six years ago when I started to form the idea of Mind Body Balance. I disagree with the mainstream approach to fitness and its concepts to changing one’s quality of life or lifestyle. I personally believe the mainstream approach doesn’t work (and I got sick of hearing about it) so I went out educated myself. I looked for other fitness professionals (who had similar ideas and were just as dissatisfied with the status quo) to partner with and to learn from. In 2007 I started to develop the Mind Body Balance system. If over 500 Integrative Fitness professionals started working out of their homes and developing new ideas, slowly you would see our philosophy take over the globe. Each year we grow in numbers.

But, Seth got me thinking.

For one, I’m not a risk taker. I like to live in the proven, known, safe areas. I will say this; in over the 6 ½ years of owning my business, I am getting better at taking risks. I wouldn’t say it is easy. My heart still races, I still have sleeplessness nights, I still get sick to my stomach and am filled with anxiety but somehow I survive. The risk is sometimes too great and my pride is hurt, but I still survive.

At Mind Body Balance we teach our clients tools that help them change the way they look at fitness and a healthy lifestyle. After being with us a while their posture begins to change. Our clients gradually (over four years or so) stop waiting for instructions, working through a to-do list or reacting to incoming obstacles. They aren’t handed initiative. They took it. They took their life back.

I get to be the lucky one watching it all.

Stop talking about the lifestyle change and instead:

Make a list of people you admire, that have appeared to have successfully tackled this “lifestyle change thing.” I bet what you will find is that they have turned initiative into passion and a practice. The challenge isn’t about being perfect, finding the perfect time to start or knowing when to coast.

No, the challenge is GETTING STARTED, to practice starting, to poke the box that you’re standing in.

You know, when I created Mind Body Balance and our system, I wasn’t sure about it until I poked, tested, modified and understood. I think I’ll always be doing this because our body is an amazing machine that I don’t think I’ll fully understand.

With a fitness coach, you will learn and discover together:
• When you do this, what happens?
• When you do that, what happens?
Your box will reveal itself through poking. The more you poke it, the smarter you get. The more ownership you take, the more control you will take over your lifestyle.

I’m giving you permission to build your best self, to poke the box. So many doors and opportunities are open to you today. If the only reason you are not initiating the quest to build a healthy lifestyle is because you are afraid to start, perhaps you ought to think about what is at stake. Have you fully understood the cost of not starting?

Please post what your cost of not starting is today and how you plan to challenge that ideal by poking the box.
Do you take advantage of opportunity or crouch fearfully in the shadows?

MBB instructors practicing out of the studio

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