Attitude of Gratitude

“The sun is always shining. Even though clouds may come along and obscure the sun for a while, the sun is always shining. The sun never stops shining. And even though the earth turns, and the sun appears to go down, it really never stops shinning.” – Louise Hay

Does anyone besides me struggle with this? I’m sure we all can recall a time when as a child we ran home to our parents just devastated because something didn’t go as planned. I can quickly recall one year I didn’t make it on the cheerleading team. I’d been on it 7th and 8th grade and then didn’t make it on the team in 9th grade. I expected I would just make it. At the time I felt so rejected.

When moments like this happened, when I expected to be great at everything, my mother and father would let me have a 24 hour pity party and then they would say “Okay, you are a survivor. So what are you going to do now? You are great at so many things.” and they’d begin to list off all these things they thought I could do well. That just annoyed me to no end. I think, sometimes, I moved ahead just to quiet them.

The point is… now, when I fail at something, I have a self-loathing time period, do a self-evaluation and then look for the positive in the experience. Now, I’ll be honest, this easier to do sometimes more than others. For example, when my fuel pump on my Jeep went out one morning; as I went from having a wonderful, peaceful morning to “Oh, my gosh! I’m going to miss my first client and I don’t have their cell phone number.” After a few choice words, I started to count my blessings:
• Thank goodness this happened close to home and I could walk to my studio to greet my client, even if I was late.
• Thank goodness I had AAA to pick up my car and transport it to be repaired.
• Thank goodness I had a cell phone to make this happen.
• Thank goodness I was fit enough to make the walk quickly and
• Thank goodness I was in a safe neighborhood and it was daylight instead of evening.

This, of course, is an easy one. Some more difficult ones to overcome are losing a grandparent, struggling to have a relationship with my brother, losing a pregnancy, having financial problems, crushing my 12th thoracic vertebrae or going through a rough patch in my marriage. These take more time but the process is the same. I mourn my loss and then refocus on my abundance. This coping strategy keeps me in a state of happiness and well-being most of the time.

An “attitude of gratitude” creates more blessings in our lives. If we can pick ourselves up by our boot straps put one foot in front of the other and focus on the lesson to be learned and search for the positive we are stronger for it, humbled, compassionate for ourselves and others. It is not too late to start changing your lifestyle today to a healthy one. Even if you’ve failed at it before because either life (or you) got in the way; you can learn from the experience, find the positive and move on.

Please post what you are grateful for today.

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