Mind Body Balance Studio
Light, airy and ready for you to change your body and mind

The Mind Body Balance Studio is 1,200 square feet with hardwood floors and plenty of natural light. We offer a private environment with a low client to instructor ratio. We have a full studio, all you need to bring is yourself–we took the stress out by supplying all mats, props, blankets, equipment, water, etc. Your life is hectic enough. Remember you, class time and the appropriate attire. That’s all you need. We offer private training and small group classes. We are happy to set-up a program that works for your body, budget and goals.

At Mind Body Balance we are committed to eco friendly practices wherever possible. The studio is cleaned with eco friendly cleaning supply products. For our Yoga blocks we supply cork blocks instead of plastic blocks. Cork is harvested from the exterior of a living tree. Cork contains natural anti-microbes that prevent bacteria from entering. We also use natural light whenever possible in our open, airy studio.