Want to try Yoga!

Group Yoga for beginning students and those wishing to practice at a moderate pace, this class is an introduction to flowing yoga (vinyasa). This slower paced series focuses on yoga basics which include stretching, breathing, posture, relaxation, deepening our understanding of the body, principles of alignment, structure and developing a yoga practice that is safe, joyful, therapeutic and fun! Learn the essence of yoga in a non-judgmental and non-competitive environment. This class starts off with a gentle flow and layers on top of each class, working toward an advanced beginner class at the end of the series. Learn the basics of yoga and decrease your risk of injury by improving flexibility, core endurance and developing your body awareness with this class designed especially for beginners and tighter bodies. Learn the fundamentals of posture, alignment, breath, intention, focus, and flow. The basics aren’t boring and they aren’t easy, but they are the cornerstone for a strong practice.

All levels are always welcome as your practice is always evolving.

For more info on Slow Flow Yoga, go to our FAQ page.