For Seniors that Still want to Zoom around Life with Zest!

Chair yoga offers a safe, low-impact workout with cross training benefits that will change your life for the best. Flexibility, mobility, bone density, and strength can all be enhanced with the practice of Chair Yoga. With flexibility comes “new found” mobility. Getting back flexibility, mobility and balance can help you make the most of your life, keeping you proactively engaged in your life so that your loved ones worry less. Join a fun, effective, safe form of exercise for those seniors who still want to zoom around. There is no need to avoid exercise, no need to unroll your yoga mat if you don’t feel up to it. Instead, use a chair and get some of the flexibility and balance benefits of yoga.

Benefits of Senior Yoga are:

  1. Breathing techniques to help bring oxygen to the body. This is especially good for the brain to help improve memory, increase the ability to learn new things and strengthen the lungs and voice,
  2. Make muscles stronger and more flexible to gain more control over your body, build confidence and improve your activities of daily living, 
  3. Help relieve anxiety, improve mood,
  4. Social aspects of being in a group class,
  5. Health benefits such as: less weight gain, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, lower fasting blood sugar for individuals with type 2 diabetes, stronger hand grip, sleep is longer and deeper, and decreased use of medication for chronic pain.

For more info on Senior Yoga, go to our FAQ page.