Sarah Gibson

“I’m grounded, yet goofy, always ready for a challenge, and always ready to help support others on their mindfulness journey!”

Hometown: Petersburg Michigan

Sun Sign: Cancer

Nickname: Gibby, Gibson, Granola

Favorite Word: Crazypants

I wish for…people to show others the kindness that they would want to receive.

I am grateful for….my family and friends, I feel extremely blessed to have such amazing, dynamic, and caring people in my life.

What gives me peace is…cooking, curling up with a good book

Why Mind Body Balance…the feeling of being part of a family.

Why yoga…I love yoga because it is not just about transforming your body, but your mind.

Why Classical Pilates….I enjoy the body awareness and strength that you gain through Pilates.

Why Body Balanced Nutrition….What we eat directly impacts our moods and our bodies. By gaining awareness of a balanced nutrition we gain a better control of ourselves.

Three Words to describe me: joyful, kind, spontaneous

Who/What inspires me…people who go for their dreams with determination.

How I inspire my clients….through encouragement and compassion.

What you can’t live without…my loved ones, good tea, and Pinterest

Favorite Move is and why (be specific): Tree, I enjoy balancing poses, rooting into my feet and feeling that strength in my body.

Secret Comfort Foods… cheese, dark chocolate, mangoes

Words to live by…Carpe Diem

Best Advice you ever received….to always believe in myself, because if I don’t why would anyone else?

Words to describe your teaching style….calming and conscious

What do you love to do for fun…, craft, cook, spend time with friends and family

When/Where/ With whom was your first _ class with? Yoga 2014 with Kim Searl at Mind Body Balance!

Local Escape….Agua Dulce

I graduated with my bachelors in General Studies from University of Michigan in 2008, studied abroad in 2007 for a semester at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. I lived abroad in Kenya for a year working in community development. Yoga education with Kim Searl (began in January 2016) and Yogafit training. 

I was approached multiple times by a friend to come with her to yoga class, but I kept coming up with excuses for not going….I was too busy, I already had plans, I was tired etc. However when Mind Body Balance hosted the fundraiser, Movement for a Cause, and I was part of the committee it was benefiting, I couldn’t say no or come up with anymore excuses. It was during this first class that I realized how much stress I was holding in my body and how inflexible I had become. The first few classes during meditation my mind was racing, focusing on my to-do list, and analyzing what had happened that day. However the more I went the more I started to be able to honor my practice, be present in that moment, and stop judging myself.  I started to incorporate meditation, self-awareness, and breathing into my day. I started to be kinder to myself. The lessons I was learning in yoga started spreading through my life. I can happily say that yoga has been an amazing gift and I am so grateful for the journey that I am on!