“Great Expectations”

Clients with three or more (3 +) standing appointments per week:

Due to the unique nature of our relationship, you have a separate policy.

If you travel often (more than once a month), you must attend (or pay for) one session per week.

Why? It is too difficult to fill 3 + sessions per week on a regular basis. However,

If I am given enough notice, and am able to fill the appointment, only a small “place-holder” fee will be assessed for the 3+ day(s) only.

Ask about exploring these missed “in-person” appointments with email and telephone coaching sessions while you are on the road. This would also help with personal consistency and MBB withdrawal.

For the rest of your appointments, see “two days per week” policy below

If you train with us two days per week

We request that any “out-of-town” dates be given to us 21 days prior to travel (or sooner). If MBB is given enough notice, we may be able to offer clients another time slot and their time slot to you so that we all keep consistency in our workout. That is the key to success. We will do our best, if these requirements are met, to reschedule your sessions. This includes a trainer being available within the remainder of the period before expiration date.

Be mindful in what you wear. Clothing should be comfortable, stretchable, and a fabric that is good for sweating in (wicking fabric that takes moisture away from the body is best). Also think of the poses that you may be in. You will want to tuck in t-shirt and shorts should have something under them. You may also consider more form fitting tops, shorts and pants so that they resist riding up. Women will need a supportive bra. Everyone needs clean feet. Bring an open mind and spirit to your session!

We are a barefoot studio.  No shoes are allowed past the indoor rug that is immediately inside the door. You may bring socks or slippers to walk around the studio in, but no shoes are allowed past the front rug.  No exceptions. Others do not want to exercise in your shoe grime.

Participation in any movement at Mind Body Balance requires signing our new client forms and possibly having a physician’s approval form on file as well.

As much as we love dogs, MBB is a one (1) dog studio.  Please leave any (and all) pets at home.

Holidays that Mind Body Balance is closed for are: Good Friday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, New Year’s Eve and Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

On the front desk, we also post the month’s additional closings (per instructor) so that you can adjust your schedule. Make a note of closings for holidays, trainings, etc. We try very hard to keep you informed and to make it easy for you to know when MBB changes its schedule and why.

Group policy:

IMPORTANT!  Clients with injuries or special needs should begin with private sessions before entering group classes. After a period of time, you may be able to join a group class.

To take a Pilates chair (small apparatus class) you must be able to lift 30 + pounds, which is how much the chair weighs. You must also be in good health with no special considerations. Participants of small apparatus classes (chair) must have 3 private sessions ($150) before taking the Pilates chair class, or more privates if deemed appropriate by the instructor.

Pre-register or just Drop-in:

It is not necessary to pre-register for a group class at Mind Body Balance. You may simply drop in. Of course, others may have pre-registered for all the spots in the class. This is why we recommend checking online to see how many slots are available and pre-register using the online schedule. If you do choose to drop in, you’ll need to register immediately upon arrival.

Registering On-line:

You may pre-register for most, if not all, of our group classes online and manage your entire account on-line 24/7 using the My Account link at the top of our website. You may pre-register online up to 1 hour prior to when a class starts, however, you must have pre-paid classes on your account to pre-register or purchase class sessions online via the schedule. If no one pre-registers for a 6:00am or 7:30am class by 10:00pm the night before, we cancel the class at that time.

Cancelling a class when you have reserved a spot:

Prepaid classes are forfeited if action is not taken 3 hours (3 hours group class & 12 hours Private & Semi-Private appointment sessions) prior to the commencement of class.

This policy is enforced. You may cancel a pre-registration as long as it is more than 12 hours from the class start time. You may cancel either using the scheduler or, if it is during business hours, you may call us.

Please do not leave after-hour messages on the studio answering machine regarding cancellation. Messages at the studio can be left 8:00am – 6:00pm, Monday-Friday, or you can email us at info@mindbodybalance.com or the specific instructor’s e-mail address.

How do I know if Mind Body Balance has closed classes or sessions due to weather?

Mind Body Balance observes Monroe Public Schools’ cancellation policy. If the public schools are closed or delayed due to weather conditions, so is Mind Body Balance.

How will you know if Monroe Public Schools are closed? 
You can check their website ( http://www.monroe.k12.mi.us ) or listen/watch the local news or My 98.3 radio. Once we learn that Monroe Public Schools are closed, we go in and cancel all of our group classes that are affected on our schedule at mindbodybalance.com/scheduleregister/.  We also post the closings on our Facebook fan page and Twitter page.

When to arrive:

Monthly classes with auto-pay expire at the end of the month, no exceptions. Payments are automatically charged to a credit card on the 1st or 15th of the month.