Live Spontaneously with this fast pace 45 minute workout!

Pilates chair is a small apparatus class. Initially created to improve leg strength and alignment, the chair improves balance and control as well as a challenge for the core. The chair is versatile, using spring resistance and exercises for the whole body in positions that include seated, standing, lying prone, and kneeling. Live spontaneously with this quick- fix 45 minute apparatus chair class. We will get down to business, moving from one exercise to the next, enjoying a vigorous pace. You will get a total body workout with a lot of standing balance and strength work.

The chair class offers interesting variations on more traditional Pilates exercises and gives participants more opportunities to work in an upright/standing position, which is much more functional and true to our everyday life. Focus on breath, core stability, alignment of the lower and upper extremities; spinal articulation and movement integration which are key to pilates chair workouts. This class is at a higher level, so expect to be challenged. It is a small class environment, which enables the instructor to give helpful cues on getting each participant deeper into each exercise.

This is the workout that is sweeping the Pilates world by storm!