Kimberly Searl


Professional Me…

Kimberly Searl holds one of the first Masters of Science in Yoga Therapy and internships at John Hopkins Hospital in oncology and acute care. Kim has been featured multiple times in an international fitness magazine (IDEA) and Natural Awakenings. She has also presented on her Youth with Autism research at SYR. SYR is the West’s foremost academic yoga research conference and showcases some of the best new research. She is an inspirational teacher, celebrated for her authenticity, generous spirit and her joyous personality that helps you learn to love and appreciate your body. She works with teachers, business professionals, dancers, and retirees. She is an integrative sustainable movement (ISM) advocate who is an empowerment speaker, yoga expert, author and healthy lifestyle leader. She teaches you how to integrate yoga as a way of life. She incorporates Yoga, Ayurveda, Classical Pilates and Fitness Coaching in a creative and life-transforming way through on-line courses, workshops, retreats, training and one-on-one sessions whether in person or digitally.

She uses art, somatic practices, pranayama, chanting, mindfulness and meditation to infuse her approach to living as an ISM educator that embodies flow. Her time teaching marks the end of a decade that she has been teaching. Her favorite thing about teaching is the ability to introduce her clients to their body in a healthy way and watch them fall in love with their self-care. She appreciates the community and friendships that happen around the globe as part of her work.  She loves painting, chanting, avocados, roses, her feet in the sand, walking her dog, biking, kayaking and horseback riding. Kim plays often, lives creatively, her life and work are filled with love that inspires movement.

Philanthropic Me…

Kim has been a long-time philanthropist for social change.  She views it as “seva” which means “selfless-service”. It is work that she performs without any thought of reward or repayment. Kim has created two events “Movement for a Cause” to benefit Homelessness and, “Yoga Nidra Night-yogic sleep and bliss for the brain” to support the fight against Human Trafficking and co-created Namaste Day in support of scholarship funds for Monroe County Community College, as well as the Superhero Hero’s 5k race with Monroe Rotary Club to benefit the community outreach programs. Kim creates movement fun(d)raisers which allows you to have fun, to keep the mind, body, and spirit alive while shining a light on a dark spot that has been missed by our culture. She believes in second chances to those who want it. Her grass roots efforts thus far have raised well over 50k and provides beds for the homeless, a place for the homeless to wash their clothes for free, coats for the homeless that turn into sleeping bags, sustainable menstrual products for female homelessness, recovery homes for sex trafficking survivors, literacy programs for children in transition, to scholarships at the local community college for those in the health science department. Kim and her team have volunteered over 470 hours of free yoga classes to a children’s correction facility Monroe County Youth Center. She has been recognized by Rick Snyder, the Governor of Michigan for her hard work and commitment which she has displayed in her service for the homeless of Monroe, MI by awarding her the Heroes for the Homeless Award. Kim is not afraid to use her voice; she is impactful and uses integrative sustainable movement (ISM) and the community created among practitioners to unite as an active force to affect change. Kim Loves Life and Chooses to Live a Full Active Life! Kim is light in a dark world.

Traveling Yogi…

Kim is centered, courageous, adventurous and full of joy for Integrative Sustainable Movement (ISM) to grow. Three years ago Kim felt that it was time to inspire others on a global level to broaden the reach of ISM. At first, she ignored this calling and now she embraces it with open arms. It all started with one of Kim’s war council friends (You know those close friends you don’t need a mirror with because they provide it for you.) who opened up her little black book of travel friends. Kim has been to Ometepe Island in Nicaragua where she taught yoga to veterinarians, there on a service trip to provide veterinary care in rural Nicaragua. Not only did Kim teach yoga, she learned about the culture, volunteered to help care for the large animals, and learned how collecting local non-organic waste was used to build schools. She was welcomed by a small community of 3k on Mitkof Island in Alaska where she taught on yoga and the art of emotions.  Kim taught yoga throughout her stay there she also participated in several radio shows as well. During her stay in beautiful Petersburg, Alaska she learned about the profound stillness and the need to stay present, to question what you see and think to gain more clarity.  Her next adventure is the El Camino Northern Way.

My Story…

Kim has an extensive list of trauma dating back to the age of three years old. She learned at a very young age how to move from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) to PTG (post-traumatic growth). It has been a long road and it’s not over yet in order to continue to grow. Kim often says “I don’t think I will ever stop failing and growing.” Through her movement practice she has been able to find love, joy and peace creating resiliency in her that enables her to keep standing and moving forward.  She first came to yoga in the early 2000’s as a way to heal her pain from a horseback riding accident. She had been told to stop moving to reduce her suffering. This didn’t resonate with her and had been gifted a yoga package from a dear friend and so the love affair began. She has learned that the “LI” of life changes and that she must learn to flow to live her deepest passion now. Yoga has been her therapy, her love, her healer, her moving art form of communication and her life’s purpose. She has changed from a closed minded, over the top type A, pitta leader into an embodied spirit that flows with the “LI” of nature. She is grateful for her pilgrimage and this expanded sense of living and the connections with people around the world. She has learned that the natural rhythm of life, vital movement practices, yoga lifestyle, creativity, love, and a connection with others are a way to thrive.

“Thriving is letting go of scarcity, self-doubt, and shame while learning to embrace love, kindness and compassion. Thrive where you are!” – Kim Searl

From Me to You — Welcome to Mind Body Balance!

I am Kim Searl, as a yoga therapist I believe in integrative sustainable movement. I am passionate about
helping people come out of the fog, to awaken to a life full of zest. Breath initiates movement and teaches us trust and unity.

“We are all looking for love and reaching out for love. May the love that we are, radiate into the world. Vitamin “L” (love) is the medicine that will heal the world’s wounds.” – Kim Searl.

Integrative Sustainable Movement brings us joy, and every challenge can always be resolved peacefully. Join us for online training, workshops, retreats, meditations, teacher training, books and tools for your home care kit.  We are passionate about inspiring you to movement! Come as you are-all are welcome. We provide balanced, sustainable, holistic fitness for adults. We understand and care about your desire for a fit and balanced life.  We work with you and customize a program that achieves your goals. We hold you accountable, and you  develop lifelong skills to maintain health and fitness. We are not just an exercise studio; we provide the whole package for your body and your mind. We care about you and will not punish or berate you into a fit body; instead we offer rational solutions to fit your life.

Hey… Let’s Connect! I’ll give you an awesome loving-kindness meditation right now. Who knew it could be this easy and inspiring!
We Inspire YOU to Movement!


Working out with Kim was not only something that helped me with my physical body it also helped me in my emotional state of mind. Kim taught me so many things that I could utilize in my everyday life, for instance posture, breathing, and remembering it is not about taking diet pills or starving your body it is about being healthy.

Kim was able to help me love my body for what it is and focus on the right things to become and stay aware of my health. There is not a day that goes by I don’t use the training that Kim had given me, from remembering to stretch to having soft knees while I jog. I am thankful everyday for the training I received so I can continue my lifestyle of staying healthy.” — Bridget, Student, Illinois

“I found tonight’s class very interesting and eye opening and on both work sheets scored very high on the symptom checklist. I know exercise is the key to feeling better but sometimes the easiest to avoid because…..I can always seem to find excuses, I am tired, too much homework, have to cook dinner, go somewhere with the kids etc… I know I need to put me first and then everything else will fall into place. Sometimes easier said when you are used to doing for everyone else. This is my goal is to start putting my own health and needs first, which will then lead to feeling better, more energy etc. Thanks Kim for your knowledge and ability to help others.” –Sandy, R.N., B.S.N., C.H.P.N., Business woman & mother, Michigan 

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you did for our Diabetic Support Group. The information you provided was informative and crucial to obtaining good blood sugar control. But more than anything your presentation was fun and I have found that is the first step to our clients remembering the information they have heard. I would love to have you come back again sometime! –Laurie, Michigan, Wife, Owner /CEO

I have played the game for a long time and have carried a single digit handicap. As I have grown older I have found that there are times when I hit the ball less consistently solid and I have wondered if age might have something to do with it (simply denying I am getting older hasn’t really worked). I have heard a couple of guys over the past few years mention Pilates and core strength associated with their golf games – one my age and another probably 10 years younger (I am almost 55).

I thought Pilates was “girly” without ever having seen or done it, but had been wondering about it. When I went through Leadership Monroe last year Kim gave out two free sessions to two members of our class in a random drawing – I won one of them. Eventually I figured why not give it a try not just for golf, but as another potentially interesting way to get a regular work-out (I have never belonged to a gym; running for the sake of running has never appealed to me; racquetball once per week in the fall and winter is not enough; and, whatever exercise equipment I have bought for my home over the years ends up not being used regularly).

I was amazed at how hard (in a good way) Pilates was. I see Kim twice per week most of the time starting early last fall and I really look forward to what it does for me. I was never the most flexible guy, but this stuff works. It is amazing that using virtually nothing more than your own body weight how much strength you can add as well. I can see results which encourages me to do more. As it relates to only the golf swing the flexibility (and balance) has helped me make a more consistent swing and the strength (which I really was not even expecting) has me hitting the ball further – straighter, more consistently, and longer are all good things.

I enjoy the hour and leave feeling worked out – I even sit up straighter on the ride home (but forget about all that; I think it is helping my golf swing). 
Hugh, Michigan, Father, Husband, Brother, Son, SVP Credit Administration Manager