Emily Yates

I’m a serial helper! I enjoy helping people express their creativity! I introduce people to their breath on the Yoga mat.

Professional me…

Emily is a graphic designer and yoga instructor. She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art (B.F.A.) and a professional Baking and Pastry Certificate. She has been working as a graphic designer for over 30 years. Emily makes cakes occasionally as a side hobby/job. She also does all the design work for Mind Body Balance and other small businesses. She works with marketing managers, engineers, financial professionals, and lawyers. She incorporates yoga and art through life-enhancing yoga classes. She spends time in stillness reconnecting with herself as she sits by the water. Life is good!

She loves what she does! She loves being creative! Emily enjoys working with people on their projects! Being a creative person fills her soul. She can bake you a cake in the shape of your favorite yoga pose, develop a yoga routine to work off those calories and she can help you create a design for the life you’ve always envisioned. She uses Pranayama, yoga games, mindfulness and meditation, transformational language and Soma Psychology to infuse the journey in life. Her favorite thing about teaching is the stillness and connection to students. She appreciates biking, sunrises on the beach, spending time with family and friends, painting, cookie decorating, art journaling and being home with her dog Max. She is a creative artist filled with passion and love.

Philanthropic me…

Emily has been a long time philanthropist she views it as Seva which means selfless-service. It is work that she performs without any thought of reward or repayment. She has helped feed the homeless, done Christmas outreach programs through the Monroe Kiwanis Club, teaches annually at Movement for a Cause to raise money for homeless products, coordinated dinners at Oaks of Righteousness Warming Shelter, holds a Yoga Nidra to Support anti-human trafficking awareness, teaches a workshop at Namaste Day in support of scholarships funds for Monroe County Community College, she has volunteered free yoga for a Women’s domestic violence shelter. Her strength, happiness, and comfort come from her deep faith in God.

Traveling Yogi…

Emily lives a whole life with little worries; she travels the world exploring and learning as she goes. She has visited much of the United States; it’s easier to count the places she hasn’t been in the U.S. She’s been to Europe and has toured Greece, Italy, Malta, Germany (both east and west before the wall came down), Austria and France. Her next adventure is a tour of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

My story…

Emily has an extensive list of grief dating back to the age of 13 years old. She learned at a very young age, how to move through pain caused by grief, using her art, movement practices, and faith. It’s been a long road, and it’s not over, yet she continues to grow. Emily often says “grief comes and goes like the wave of the ocean, I use my yoga mat and art projects to process the emotional ebbs and flows.” Through her movement practice, she’s been able to find this fantastic lifestyle. She was introduced to this lifestyle change in 2012. Emily feels so blessed to have this opportunity to explore, Yoga, Classical Pilates, Fitness Coaching, Intuitive Eating, You Can Fix You, Chanting, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Thai Energy and running half marathons. This experience has opened up a new side of herself and has made her take an even closer look at becoming an Integrative Sustainable Movement Practitioner (ISMP). Her heart is so full of all the love that she feels from incorporating her passions of art, yoga, and graphic design.

“In the quietness of meditation, we grow in spiritual wisdom.”- Emily Yates

From Me to You — Welcome to Mind Body Balance!

I love the community here at Mind Body Balance, and I hope that you sign-up for a class so that you may experience all the excellent teachers here and eventually become a part of our family too at Mind Body Balance. I feel taking time for yourself and making the investment in yourself is priceless.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing the awesome-ness of Yoga with you!

“In my practice, I move, breathe and connect to my heart. Remembering to be loyal, helpful, patient, kind and forgiving of myself and others.” – Emily Yates

Integrative Sustainable Movement brings us joy, and every challenge can always be resolved peacefully. Join us for online training, workshops, retreats, meditations, teacher training, books and tools for your home care kit.  We are passionate about inspiring you to movement! Come as you are-all are welcome. We provide balanced, sustainable, holistic fitness for adults. We understand and care about your desire for a fit and balanced life.  We work with you and customize a program that achieves your goals. We hold you accountable, and you  develop lifelong skills to maintain health and fitness. We are not just an exercise studio; we provide the whole package for your body and your mind. We care about you and will not punish or berate you into a fit body; instead we offer rational solutions to fit your life.

Hey… Let’s Connect! I’ll give you an awesome loving-kindness meditation right now. Who knew it could be this easy and inspiring!
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